Indian Food Industry – Should More Be Done to Reduce Waste?

Much has been written about food waste in India. However, most of this discussion stems around agricultural produce and the absence of storage / transportation facilities that lead to its fruits and vegetables and grains being wasted / spoilt. However, I am curious to know how food waste is being tackled in other sections of […]

Beauty Products – Thoughts on Packaging and Labeling

Leading names in the natural and organic cosmetics market gathered in New York earlier this month for the Natural Beauty Summit. Needless to say, the potential of the Indian cosmetics market was also a topic of discussion. According to Karen Daskow, from market reasearch group Kline, overall growth in the Indian market is surpassing the […]

The Lack of Beauty Information

Are you worried when you hear about the adulteration in foods, the harmful effects of plastics and general hype about chemicals used in cosmetics, shampoos and soaps? I know that I have started becoming really wary of the marketing hype surrounding new product launches and miracle cures. Last Sunday, when I was giving a fantastic […]


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